With almost 700 million user accounts, Instagram has become one of the best social media platforms out there. It has attained steady growth since its inception in 2010. Another useful figure to keep in mind is that almost 60% of Instagram users fall into the age range 18-19, which make up the core of Generation Z, the target audience for many new age businesses.

These numbers listed above are part of what make it imperative to get a foothold on the right marketing and brand building strategies to utilize on this social media platform. This article aims to give out a few useful tips that will help raise your business portfolio on Instagram.

  1. Use a Business Profile: Switching to a business profile on Instagram has numerous advantages like followers get a direct link to your contact info, easy access to Instagram's analytics tools, more viewings for your content etc.
  2. Instagram sponsored Ads: This is another wonderful benefit of the platform. You can create, easy and inexpensive ads for your target audience to see.
  3. Partner Connections: Partner with Instagram celebs who have built a following already to get your content out to a larger audience.
  1. Cross-Promoting: This is another viable marketing strategy, it pays to cross-promote on other social media platforms you have accounts on. Augment your views by inviting your audience on these other platforms to follow you on Instagram.
  2. Monitor Performance Stats: Keeping tabs on stats like the rate of follower growth, engagement with posts etc is a veritable marketing step.
  3. Hashtags: Whether it be brand or content hashtags, when utilized in the correct way they can work wonders for your business.
  4. Business Bio: When creating a business bio, it should be relatable and also resonate with your target audience. It should contain details like a relevant profile pic, proper website link etc.
  5. Effective Content Strategy: This is at the very center of it all. Research should go into determining the content that goes up on your account. This content should be based on the likes and wants of your target audience.
  6. Consistent Content: It pays to always follow up on quality, it is imperative that creative content should always be readily available on your page.
  7. Sales Point: Asides from advertising your brand, you can use your account as a point of sales for your followers.
  8. Instagram Contests: This is a great way through which you could increase your following and maximize profit making. Different contests can be utilized such as Like contests, comment contests etc.
  9. Utilize Instagram Stories: This is another innovative way through which you could further increase the popularity of your brand. Putting up user friendly and product-centric stories will surely boost your presence on Instagram.
  10. Engage your Audience: That is what social media is about after all. It pays to be very interactive with your followers as it helps in better knowing your audience, so that you know what their likes and wants are.

We hope with these few tricks, you are able to maximize your brand presence on Instagram!

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