Everybody loves Instagram. No matter how many memes we make about all the pretentious cool kids who seem to equate likes on the gram to oxygen. And how a cup of coffee is NEVER just a cup of coffee on Instagram. We start wondering how to grow your Instagram account.

There is no denying that it is a pretty interesting application. If you follow the right people they are going to fill up your feed with visually pleasing images specially curated to fit whatever aesthetics the page is aiming for.

And because Instagram is a much-beloved app it comes as no surprise that it is one of the best tools for marketing in recent times.

How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Growing Instagram Account To Help Your Business

Instagram engagements can help kick off your business and your brands to heights previously unimagined. If you play your cards right on Instagram you can survive on income solely gained on Instagram. But before we begin to see dollar signs in the air we first have to grow our account.

While the rewards for a strong Instagram account are numerous, it is also hard to grow your account. Instagram users are notoriously flighty and are quick to withdraw support once they begin to find your content uninteresting. It is very easy to engage on Instagram just as it is easy to disengage from the app.

Instagram recently unrolled some interesting new features that if harnessed properly can be used to grow your account. And then you will be taken to a very bright future with lots of followers, let's go!

How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Hashtags

Boys and girls you can now follow a hashtag! This interesting feature allows you to follow and find the people whose content you are interested in and therefore people most likely to be interested in your content. It is now supremely easy to engage with like minds, you can drop likes and comments on relevant posts.

Start conversation threads with pages of interest and just keep on engaging. This feature integrates posts from hashtags you’ve liked seamlessly into your feed making it easy for you to find and view them.

How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Hashtags

Location and hashtag stickers are also now available for your stories. This makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience and if you post regularly you’re sure to attract people who have followed a hashtag to your page.

How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Live Story

Posting stories regularly have been proven to improve engagement on your page, especially when your stories have been carefully selected to show off your brand in the right image. Stories get 80% more exposure!

How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Live Story

When postings stories everything has to be taken into consideration, you have to pick the right color if your stories are going to be text only and make sure you include the relevant hashtags and geotags.

Going live is another tactic to gain engagement, as people love to engage with videos and you’re pushed to the front of the stories feed when you go live.

Analytics Help To Grow Your Instagram Account

The option to check the analytics of your page is the one that has the most potential to help you grow your page. You can check your most liked posts, the time which your posts gets the most engagements and the region most of your followers come from.

All of these would help you figure out the perfect approach towards engaging the followers you already have. If you’re engaging enough the algorithm will notice and begin to push your page to the forefront thereby attracting new followers.

Analytics Help To Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the best tools for promotion and so many companies and individuals have and are utilizing one. Growing your account just takes the right method of engagement and of course interesting content.

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