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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help! In this section you can find most popular and important questions we've been asked.

1. Common Questions

Q: How does work?

When you choose a subscription package and sign up you will be redirected to the form were you answer few questions to identify your targeted audience. After assigned personal manager gets in touch with you to complete profile set up and the growth of followers begins.

We identify profiles that are likely to follow, engage or even purchase from you. These profiles are interested in your brand niche. We are going to follow targeted profiles and unfollow them only after certain amount of time. Also, we are going to like a few of their posts and view their stories. This helps us to bring attention and maximize gain of new followers.

Q: How soon I will start seeing results?

Once your personal manager sets up your campaign he will immediately begin working on your profile. With our organic marketing techniques you can expect to start seeing results in first 24 hours after sign up.

Q: Is your service safe to use?

Yes, super safe. We are using real marketing techniques in order to grow your Instagram profile. We are working within the constraints of Instagram and are ensuring that your profile is safe and secure with us.

Q: Are the followers real?

Unlike most of our fellow competitors we do not sell or grow with fake followers. Our team has spent years developing unique marketing techniques to help you grow with real, genuine, targeted followers.

Q: Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we do work with agencies. You can easily outsource your clients Instagram brand building and management to us. If you are interested please contact us through and someone from our team will answer you shortly.

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2. Your Account

Q: Is there an access to the dashboard?

Your Instagram profile is fully managed by your dedicated personal manager, he will monitor and optimize your growth campaign to ensure that you get most genuine, targeted audience that your profile deserves. That is why we do not provide access to a dashboard, if you need a growth report or any changes to your campaign then communicate with your personal manager, he will respond and adjust quickly and appropriately.

Q: How can I adjust my campaign settings?

If you need a growth report or any changes to your campaign then communicate with your personal manager, he will respond and adjust quickly and appropriately. Or you can reach out to and someone from our team will help you out.

Q: Can I use my Instagram profile while using

Yes of course, feel free to use your Instagram profile as you normally would. However, your dedicated personal manager is performing the crucial actions to grow your followers. That is why we would recommend that you don't like a lot of pictures or follow a lot of people per day, as this would allow your manager to perform much more.

Also, the more active you are - posting regularly, interacting with your new followers - the easier it is for us to do our job.

Q: Will I loose my followers after stopping growing with

No way, these followers are real people who choose to follow you by themselves because they are interested in your content, your niche and you. After stopping growing with us you will not loose your Instagram followers.

Q: How does your team grow followers?

We are using most advanced and up to date marketing techniques. First of all, we identify your high-quality perfect audience, genuine profiles that tend to follow you, engage with your brand and even purchase from you.

Targeting - we find and analyze similar profiles to yours, your competitors.
Following and unfollowing - we follow targeted profiles and after 2 to 5 (for a followers to stick) days we unfollow them.
Liking - after following the targeted profile we like a few of the most recent posts. By liking we increase the follow back chance and the user might like your own posts back.
Story viewing - after following we also tend to watch users story, that also helps to bring attention and increase the follow back chance.
Fan pages (additional service) - @therock has this and this fan-page. What we are trying to do with fan pages is bringing attention to your main profile. Your fan page is going to interact with your audience by following, liking and viewing stories. Also, if someone follow your fan page back we welcome the followers with a personal message and encourage him to check out your main profile.
Influencer collaboration (additional service) - branded posts and shoutouts from well-known influencers in your niche.

Q: Why I am not getting post likes?

Quality - posting same repetitive, lacking creativity or bad quality pictures or video.
Frequency - if you are posting around 1 to 5 posts per month then you are not going to get lots of engagement. Our team recommends at least 12 posts per month.
Your profile niche - your brand could simply be the one which doesn't get lots of likes on Instagram, for example, a pest control service.
Other - there are some other factors that could impact your post likes. But fixing quality and frequency will help a lot.

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3. Billing & Subscription

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

Whenever you feel like canceling your subscription simply contact your personal manager or send an email to You will get a respond within 24 hours. Also, you can use Messenger chat on our main website.

We will be working on your profile till the end of your billing cycle. For example if your billing cycle ends on 21st and you send the request to cancel on 12th then we will still be growing your profile till the 21st. Which means that if you wish to cancel your next billing cycle you have to cancel your subscription before the start of that billing cycle.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Sure thing, contact your dedicated account manager or email us at Someone form our friendly team will help you out with that.

Q: What is your refund policy?

We deeply care about satisfaction of our customers. We will be happy to help you out with any trouble that you are having. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with 14 days after upgrading you can contact your personal manager to get a partial refund.

Q: What happens if my payment fails?

Unfortunately, but we will have to stop working on your profile till you fix the payment issue. Please make sure that you are ready for your next payment, as failed payment could affect your overall growth.

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