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The people are very easy to talk to and very helpful. I have tried a couple other services at the similar price range and they all give little guidance and not as approachable. I sell handmade jewelry and Instagram is one place that I use to grow my brand. I just started last year May. Within less than a year, my account is now close to 10K followers. With their help, I can concentrate on creating content, responding to my fans and doing what I love.
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I was with Risesocial before and found it to be not 100% organic. I then switched to and certainly noticed the difference within days. My followers are growing organically and I’m receiving real likes and comments.
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I rarely ever leave reviews for anything simply because everything in today's age is just of poor quality.
HOWEVER! I will make an exception. This company is the best of the best! Trust me I know because I have used everyone and I am always disappointed. Not with because of how amazing they are.
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“Social presence is very important nowadays, SocialStudio helped me with that 👍”
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“At first I was sceptical, but within the 7-day free trial I was convinced that with these guys I can get real and very niche targeted followers for my brand.”
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SocialStudio started working with my Instagram from 0. After a month I already have 1200 followers, of which there are many potential clients! I am happy with SocialStudio services. I am definitely continuing this partnership. Recommend!
The level of service I’ve come to expect has definitely been defined by my experience with Working with my manager I’ve been able to expand my brand, learn to examine my market and even share some holiday photos! For me this hasn’t been a service that just autopilots my page. It assists in my growth but with my managers help we’ve really been able to dig into the global market which is pretty amazing. Through engaging with my followers while assisted growth I’ve been able to get insane engagement!
Thanks for helping me grow and step up into the market as a business woman, on Instagram!
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